3 DAY JUMP START is an all natural program that helps your body feel better in just 3 days! ….It accomplishes this by helping the body get rid of harmful chemicals, wastes, and toxins that have accumulated inside the body over time. Toxic wastes are usually byproducts of the body’s natural processes. However, wastes can also be introduced to the body through foods, air, and other environmental factors.

Think of your Jumpstart as an Oil Change for your car.  Every now and then your car does need an Oil Change to run optimally, and this is what you are doing for your own body.

Several body organs are responsible for the body’s natural detoxification. This includes the kidneys, liver, colon, blood, lungs, lymph system, and skin. However, there may be a need for you to help the body in detoxifying as it can sometimes hardly keep up with the natural cleansing process. The body can send you signals to tell you when it is time for you to do a cleanse. Some of the signs include: excess weight, digestive problems, food cravings, unexplained fatigue, dry skin, white coated tongue, dull and brittle hair, rashes, irritability, mood swings, difficulty concentrating, allergies, bad breath, and poor memory.

Sometimes the body gives us no signals, but we should still consider doing a cleanse as a preventive program to cleanse out the body. What you have before you is a 3 DAY JUMPSTART to get the wheels turning.  If you enjoy the 3 DAY and want to keep going, keep going with our 20 DAY here, and since you already have started the 3 DAY use this coupon code on checkout for a discount 🙂  Code: JUMPSTART



As it is said, the human body has its own way of cleansing, detoxifying, and regenerating. However, due to several reasons such as lifestyle choices, stress, and exposure to chemicals, the body’s natural cleansing process can be hampered. Hence, the body will have a hard time to break down and eliminate the toxins. This is where the need for a full body cleanse comes in. The question is, why do we need to cleanse in the first place? The body can get a lot of benefits out of a full body cleanse. Here are just a few of the benefits associated with a cleanse:

Enjoy a longer life. Cleansing means getting rid of the poisons inside the body. If you help the body do its job, the body will have less work to do and less strain of course. With this, the aging process can be slowed down. Plus, helping your organs cleanse the body can make them work better and longer for you.

The plants in the Formula 1 Blood and Lymph Cleaner nourishes the cells of the body, cleanses the tissues, purifies the blood, heightens the pH levels of the body (makes more alkaline), neutralizes free radicals, nourishes all of the organs of the body, dissolves mucus and arterial plaque, enhances and improves peristalsis (bowel movement), helps normalize and maintain healthy blood sugar levels, normalizes appetite, and promotes general healing, health, and wellbeing.

Increased vigor and vitality. When you help the body detox, you are conserving a lot of energy that the organs are supposed to be using for flushing out poisons. Hence, your overall fitness and energy will soar after a cleanse.

Experience ultimate fitness. A body without toxins and poisons call for a proper restoration and renewal of the body cells. The body can very well defend the system from ailments and even prevent the body’s progressive decline. The overall benefits of a full body cleanse can be seen in a better-looking skin, shinier hair, and decreased weight. There are also fewer allergic reactions to be expected and less susceptibility to pain.


The Benefits of Cleansing

When you purify your body via detoxification, you open the door to healing and rejuvenation. You help to turn back the hands of time on aging or degenerating.

So what we are doing is the first 3 days of a Cleanse program

The common results of most people after performing The KMD Cleanse include but are not limited to:

  • Weight reduction (if needed)
  • More resilient skin and complexion
  • Enhanced energy levels
  • Enhanced and clearer sense of feeling and thinking
  • A more positive outlook on life
  • Enhanced willpower
  • Enhanced immunity throughout the year
  • More normalized and regulated body functions
  • Regularity of bowel movements
  • Eradication of cravings (especially sugar, junk food, etc.)
  • Improved and enhanced circulation 
  • Improved and enhanced libido



  • You should have 3 HERBAL DISKS


  • Each HERBAL DISK is for one day of your cleanse. (Easy to keep in purse, car, office)


  • Each Day you are going to take all the herbs in your HERBAL DISK.  Each numbered compartment is a different formula targeting different parts of your body (scroll to bottom to see the purpose of each one, and what’s inside).


  • When do you take all these herbs? Follow the table listed below  (Plan to take to take each formula 2-3 hours apart, and below is just an example for someone who wakes up by 7am)

So, let’s give an example.

Let’s say you wake up at 8am.  At this time, or shortly after, even with breakfast, take all 5 herbs in the Formula #1 compartment.  In a couple hours, move on to the next slot and take all 5 herbs in Formula #2.  After a couple hours take all 5 herbs in Formula #3 compartment.  And so on throughout the day.  You may want to set a timer on your phone to remind you!

You may say “That’s a whole lot of pills!”  Well please, first don’t think of these as “pills”  Think of these as foods, nutrients, nourishments. You can’t find these nutrients in the grocery store so we’ve gone around the world and found the best herbs and crushed them and put them in a vegan capsule to make things easier for you.

So every 2-3 hours you are taking some nutrients, it helps you drink more water too!

3 Day Nutrition Regiman


In order for your JUMPSTART to be effective, we recommend an all RAW foods diet for the duration of the cleanse. Raw foods are cleansing and nourishing for the human body, as most raw foods are alkaline in nature. The alkaline state also helps the herbs work better.

We also recommend drinking distilled water or alkaline water. Distilled water is the ideal water to drink for theses 3 days as distilled water has a pulling effect on (inorganic) minerals and heavy metals. Alkaline water is energizing.

So what does this mean?  It means you have to be prepared beforehand.  Don’t rush to try and start the cleanse without thinking about your nutrition.  Otherwise you will get hungry and grab whatever you have around.  You have to prepare and think about your meals.

Breakfast – During THE 3 DAY JUMPSTART start each day with at least two glasses of water (room temperature).

After drinking water, the next ideal thing to consume would be a juice, smoothie or protein shake (homemade, if possible). If you want more of a meal, try over-night oats, they are delicious!

Lunch – The ideal thing would be a big, green leafy salad. Use Romaine lettuce in place of the nutritionally undervalued iceberg lettuce. Add all the veggies you like in this salad, make it big and hearty. Use a good natural salad dressing or you can make your own salad dressing with extra virgin olive oil, organic apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and sea salt (and any other seasoning you prefer). Eat two salads if you have to. Eat until you are content.   Add avocado to have it be more filling. If you just want a smoothie for lunch here’s the Blueberry Dreams Lunch Smoothie that we recommend.

Snack – The ideal snacks would be nuts (i.e., almonds, pistachios, walnuts, cashews, etc.); and seeds (sesame, pumpkin, sunflower, hemp, etc.) – raw and unsalted whenever possible.  Dried fruit (unsulfured!), especially dates and figs, are also ideal snacks.

Dinner – The ideal dinner would, should and could be a repeat of your lunch selection. It is wise to eat light before going to bed.

If you must, usually for psychological reasons, eat something a bit warm and filling, eat only steamed or lightly sautéed vegetables and a little wild rice and/or brown rice.  If you want to take a soup for warmth here’s a great recipe for the detox soup. Though remember, RAW is best for you during the detox.

Remember to drink plenty of water (preferably alkaline or distilled water) during The 3 DAY JUMPSTART  – at least eight glasses a day.

You may also drink herbal teas during your cleanse. Good herbal teas to drink include Green tea, Guarana, Burdock, Echinacea, Goldenseal, Chaparral, Ginseng, Sheep Sorrel, and Irish Moss.

You are going to eliminate completely:  CAFFEINE, PROCESSED FOODS, FRIED FOODS, BREADS/PASTAS, SODAS, MEATS, FISH, DAIRY . Remember, just for 3 days!

Helpful Practices While Cleansing :Exercise, deep breathing, yoga, stretching and steaming  are essential during cleansing.

Remember, the most essential thing during your cleanse is a positive and healthy attitude!  If you fall off your cleanse regimen by eating something you should not have eaten, don’t give up. Get right back on track!

If you can, take more baths than showers during your cleanse. Use sea salt (half a cup) and essential oils in the bath. Good essential oils to use include Lavender, Parsley, Oregano, Juniper, Carrot Seed, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, and Tea Tree.

If you can obtain actual seaweed, get some and put it into your bath water. Some health food stores sell dehydrated seaweed in packages.

Also, lay slanted (feet above head) on a slant board or whatever you can use, for at least 30 minutes a day. This is so age reversing it is incredible. This greatly helps circulation and counters prolapse of the organs, especially the colon and the female uterus. Try your best to read only positive things during your detox (i.e., spiritual books, health books, comedic books etc.). Reading positive material helps detoxify the mind of toxic thoughts and conditioning.

If you have facial skin and skin problems, use clay (i.e., Moroccan, Bentonite, Redmond, French Green, etc.) on your whole face or the areas in need. Let the clay dry on your face or body and leave on for 15-30 minutes and then remove. Do facial steaming (tinting) over a hot pot of boiling water over the stove (do it at a temperature you can tolerate) with a lengthy towel over your head, for about 15 minutes. The steam will help your pores to release toxins.

After steaming, carefully pat a hydrogen peroxide soaked towel on your face and/or skin. If you do this daily during (and after) your cleanse, you should see the difference.

Early symptoms I May Experience During the JUMPSTART

As everybody is different, the symptoms will be different; however, while you are detoxing you may


• Nauseous feeling

• Slight headache (as your blood is being purified similar to fasting)

• Little weakness or fatigue for a few days; a runny nose

(as mucus is being liquefied to be released)

• Slight to mild cough

• Diarrhea (as your hardened stools are being liquefied for release)

• Appetite will be curved

(the colon is being cleansed and is therefore shrinking back to its normal size)

• For women – Vaginal discharges or other mucosal discharges

• Feelings of constipation for a day or two

• Cold-like Symptoms

Whatever you experience, it should not affect your ability to work your job, or your daily activities of the day.  Remember, it’s like putting new oil in a car that already has old oil in it. The car is going to spurt and spatter for a while until all the old oil is out and only the new oil is being used, and then the car will  drive smoothly. The same principle applies your JUMPSTART.

After the initial symptoms (if you get them, many people do not) you will start to receive all the positive benefits of your Cleanse.

If you love how you are feeling, and you want to continue on this cleanse to get even more results, for 20 days!  Yes, 20 days takes you to an entire different level of this thing… click the link here and go on and keep it going!

If you feel great after 3 days, fantastic!  Come back and do your JUMPSTART once a month for 3 months. That should be a great base!

If you have medical conditions you are trying to heal, contact us at buykmd@gmail.com and we can further guide you.

You’re being cleansed and healed.

May you have a wonderful journey and receive more gifts from this than you ever thought possible!

You’re being cleansed and healed.

May you have a wonderful journey and receive more gifts from this than you ever thought possible!

To order your JUMPSTART cleanse again, or share with a friend  click here.

Please check with your own health care professional before starting any cleanse program.


Dr. Kshamica Nimalasuriya MD, MPH


If you have any questions, we are here to help!  Please email us at buykmd@gmail.com


WHAT ARE THE ALL NATURAL HERBAL INGREDIENTS? *Consists of seven (7) potent, safe, and effective herbal formulas and a nutrition regimen.

(1) Blood Cleaner – Activity: Formula #1 contains plants that have been traditionally used to nourish and purify the blood and lymphatic fluids. These plants in this formula are well-known for fighting the toxins and poisons in the body′s blood, lymph, fat and cells. Good clean blood is a prerequisite for optimal health.

Ingredients: Dandelion root, Burdock root, Kelp, Nettle leaf, Olive leaf, Beet root, Manjistha root, Chickweed, Pau d’arco bark, Echinacea angustifolia root, Spirulina, Sarsaparilla root, Yellow dock root, Dragons blood, Bitter melon fruit, Red clover, Sassafras root, Amla fruit, Cleavers herb, Vidanga fruit, Cayenne pepper, Goldenseal root.

(2) Heart Cleaner – Activity: Formula #2 contains plants that have been specifically combined to support proper heart pumping function, healthy blood flow, healthy cholesterol levels and normalized artery and capillary integrity used to help strengthen the heart and vascular system in addition to enhancing circulation in the body. Truly Herbs Heart Formula can play a vital role in improving the health of the entire circulatory system. Healthy circulation is necessary for optimal health and well-being.

Ingredients: Hawthorn berry, Cinnamon bark, Ginger root, Garlic bulb, Arjuna bark, Motherwort leaf, Mistletoe leaf, Eleuthero root, Dandelion root, Reishi mushroom, Ginkgo leaf, Prickly ash bark, Cayenne pepper, Lily of the valley, Myrrh resin, Bala root, Punarnava root, Noni fruit.

(3) Liver, Gallbladder & Spleen Cleaner – Activity: Formula # 3 is a powerful, stimulating formula cleansing, healing, and strengthening the organs. The organic herbs in the Truly Herbs Liver, Gallbladder & Spleen Formula work synergistically to help heal and detoxify these vital organs. Increased bile flow allows the liver and gallbladder to flush out toxins, chemicals, pollutants, and drugs safely from the body.

Ingredients: Schisandra Berry, Beet Root, Dandelion Root, Fenugreek Seed, Artichoke Leaf, Rosemary, Turmeric Root, Licorice Root, Boldo Leaf, Milk Thistle Root, Bupleurum Root, Amla Fruit, Manjistha Root, Sarsaparilla Root, Peony Root, Bhringaraj Leaf, Bhumyamalaki, Pippali Fruit, Goldenseal Root

(4) Lungs & Respiratory Cleaner – Activity: Activity: Formula #4 is a rejuvenating formula with selected plants designed to strengthen and support the respiratory system. This synergistic blend of plants nourishes the lung tissue and helps the body’s natural defenses. Containing Eucalyptus, Mullein Leaf and other natural herbs with a specific affinity for the lungs, Truly Herbs Lungs and Respiratory Formula cleanses the respiratory tract and helps support clear and comfortable breathing.

Ingredients: Fenugreek Seed, Ginger Root, Marshmallow Root, Rosehips, Garlic Bulb, Astragalus Root, Mullein Leaf, Wild Cherry Bark, Peppermint Leaf, Tulsi Leaf, Vasaka Leaf, Pippali Fruit, Eucalyptus Leaf, Slippery Elm Bark, Rosemary, Thyme Leaf, Bibhitaki Fruit, Dashamula, Kalmegh Leaf, Goldenseal Root

(5) Kidneys, Bladder & Adrenals Cleaner – Activity: Formula # 5 uses plants including Nettle and Celery Seeds that have an affinity for the kidneys and bladder to help nourish and revitalize the urinary system, help support healthy urinary composition and flow, and help support optimal health. Ingredients: GOKSHURA FRUIT, GUDUCHI, MUST ROOT, PASSIONFLOWER, CORN SILK, CORIANDER SEED, FENNEL SEED, PUNARNAVA, UVA URSI, ASPARAGUS, BUCHU, CRANBERRY, TRIBULIS, CLEAVERS, CELERY SEED, PARSLEY LEAF, ALOE, GRAVEL ROOT, PIPSISSEWA, NETTLE, ASHOKA.

(6) Female Cleaner – Activity: Formula #6 contains female-specific plants that rejuvenate the female reproductive system. Many of the plants used in this formula are hormonal precursors that help balance the levels of estrogen and progesterone. The plants in this formula help maximize the natural function of the uterus and ovaries and helps women maintain a healthy female reproductive system. Ingredients: BORAGE ALFALA, ASPARAGUS, BLACK COHOSH, SQUAWVINE, WILD YAM, ANISE, CHAMOMILE FLOWER, CHASTE TREE, SAGE, DAMIANA, DANDELION, FALSE UNICORN ROOT, JASMINE, MOTHERWORT, RED CLOVER, NETTLE, JASMINE FLOWER, POMEGRANATE.


(6) Male Cleaner – Activity: Formula #6 contains male-specific hormonal precursors that help to tone, strengthen, rejuvenate, and nourish the male reproductive system, a sexual enhancer that is essential for optimal male reproductive/sexual health. The plants in this formula also help replenish the male body of vital nutrients lost via the process of ejaculation. Ingredients: LICORICE ROOT, SAW PALMETTO, YOHIMBE BARK, DAMIANA, SARSAPARILLA, PYGEUM BARK, KELP, MUIRA PUAMA, HORNY GOAT WEED, DUMA, SCHIZANDRA, TRIBULIS, ASHWAGANDHA, KOREAN RED GINSENG, CAPSICUM, CODONOPSIS, BALA, STIFFCOCK, GOTU KOLA, CINNAMON, COCCULUS ROOT, VAMSA ROCHNA, WISA, TONGKAT ALI, CATUBA.

(7) Colon Cleaner – Activity: Formula #7 is a combination of plants traditionally used to nourish and strengthen the colon and intestinal tract. The formula aids in digestion, assists in the relief of gas and gives you a colon cleanse that will eliminate impurities. The plants in this formula mildly stimulate peristalsis, helps repair damaged villi, lubricates the colon and aids in the formation of healthy stools. Ingredients: SENNA LEAVES AND PODS, OAT BRAN, BARLEY GRASS, GOLDENSEAL, SLIPPERY ELM, BLACK PEPPER, CASCARA SAGRADA, CARBON (ACTIVATED CHARCOAL), BUCKTHORN, HARITAKI, TUMERIC, PSYLLIUM HUSK, IRISH MOSS, ALOE VERA, MANDRAKE, POKE ROOT, SLIPPERY ELM BARK, CAYENNE PEPPER, ANANTAMUL.

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