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Kshamica Nimalasuriya MD, MPH is a Preventive Medicine Physician, who is passionate about helping people achieve their goals by looking at their overall health behaviors and habits. She effectively combines herbal supplements and  her expertise in Preventive Medicine and Public Health with her proficiency in Ayurvedic and Natural Wellness Programs.Dr. Kshamica Nimalasuriya completed her post-doctoral fellowship in Preventive Medicine at Emory University School of Medicine.


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How KShamicaMD.com can help you with herbal supplements and natural remedies

The human body has the ability to accumulate toxins for a long period of time, this is the reason why there is really a need for us to remove all these toxins in our body and this is what we call detoxification. Detoxification is the method of cleansing the entire human body to remove all the toxins that add up through the years. Although our body has the natural ability to eradicate these toxins, but with the evolution of time and because of the lifestyles we currently have, we can not eradicate these toxins and impurities stored in our body. Having said this, we still have herbal supplements of remedies to totally detoxify our body. The articles will provide you some helpful information to help you with natural detox remedies. There are a lot of detox pills available in the market but most health conscious people prefer the herbal detox method as it is all natural.

One of the fastest ways of doing full body detox is through taking more liquids. Taking more liquid does not necessarily mean that we need to starve our body. Just so you know when we do not take solid food or at least minimize it, will let our body to gain energy to do digestion properly to cleanse our organ. This would also help in your weight loss detox program. The digestive system will function at its best when our body has more energy to do it, thus with no solid food intake, it will let our digestion do its job. It would be healthy if you would just skip solid foods for a maximum of three days however, it would be best as well to drink not only plenty of water but fresh fruit and vegetable juices as well, because these would bring you more energy to your body to do a full body detox.

Although detox pills are a great help for detoxification, there are other ways we can detoxify. Water is the best liquid for us to be hydrated, so in order for us to hydrate properly, we need to drink lots and lots of water not only for a certain period of time but for our lifetime. Our body needs to be hydrated all the time to get all our organs to function properly. When our body is not hydrated, our organs will develop injuries or even become dysfunctional. Our integumentary system or our skin for example gets really dry if we are not hydrated. This means that it is just right to drink more water not only to satisfy our thirst but to satisfy the needs of our body as well. If you are a type of a person who is having a hard time to drink water because it does not have taste, then we can be creative and put taste or flavor to our liquid. You may flavor your water with fruit juice or vegetable which is not only totally healthy for you and your body but would also serve as natural energy supplements. Just so you know fresh fruit and vegetable juices are perfect alternative for water and would serve as a herbal cleanse.

Our nutritionists recommend to have at least a daily intake of at least 64 ounces of water so our body will be hydrated properly and would develop good healthy condition. When you are doing detoxification, it would be very important to avoid unhealthy liquid such as soda and beverages with alcohol and focus only on your herbal supplements. These unhealthy liquids will not do any good with your digestion process. Fluids are very helpful in flushing out the toxins in our body and also helpful in the digestion process by relieving constipation and would help hemorrhoid relief at the same time. Water has also an important role in the fecal movement since it softens your stool and makes bowel movements easier. When you are having a hard time to move fecal matter in your body, this would normally cause illnesses and infection to our colon. Therefore it would be best if you can do a herbal colon cleanse to bring back the healthy condition of your colon.

When you are in a detox program, it would be best if you include fruits and vegetable in your diet to facilitate detoxification. These healthy foods provide vitamins and nutrients necessary for rejuvenation of its own. Moreover, fruits and vegetables, are not only a good instrument for herbal cleanse but they are also rich in fiber which is an important to make fecal movement easier because fiber makes the stool bigger and softer thus faster bowel movement, which also provides hemorrhoid relief. Detoxification is not only about taking in more liquid, it also means elimination of unhealthy food and changing your lifestyle. If you want to be a healthy individual, you should eliminate junk and processed foods, cigarettes, alcohol and prohibited drugs.

While there are things that you can not control such as pollution, there are things that you need to do in order for you to have a natural detoxification process. It would be helpful if you could eat organic food as often as you can. Organic food contains all natural ingredients just like in hair growing products that would be important in detoxification. If possible, grow your own food to make sure that you eat healthy foods without chemicals, this would also serve as your natural energy herbal supplements. Also, it would be best to engage yourself into exercise. We all know the health benefits when we exercise and it can not be emphasized enough. When we burn fat, we also help eliminate harmful toxins.

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